Friday, January 21, 2011

A quick update

Landed from the UK on Sunday and after getting over some jet lag on Monday and Tuesday I sat down and completed from Google Teacher Academy application. Along with the written content the requirement was for a 1 min video.

Now that's all done - I'll get back to work on the Lego Robotics class, Year 10 Multimedia and hopefully in the very near future put up some footage from England.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The beginning of something great!

Hi All!

As many teachers know the beginning of a new year always brings rejuvenated hopes and aspirations of achieving something great.  Mark Oliphant College (MOC) will open its new doors in April in a purpose built Birth to Year 12 setup.  I form part of the team teaching LEGO Robotics and Multimedia.  MOC has some large challenges ahead of it and this blog will serve not only as journal but as a lens to educators around the world interested in the development of a curriculum and school which teaches for the individual and acknowledges the world young people live in now.

I've started up a Vimeo Channel which will showcase some of the work at the school:  The video is Part 1 is a series of videos taken in December 2010 as the school comes together.

Speak Soon!