Wednesday, January 22, 2014

OzElearning migration

So it may seem that I let me blog sort of 'die off' towards the end of 2011 - beginning of 2012 but I guess I moved more from the written word to more of a visual format (Youtube).

However it was my principal during the year that kept me thinking 'you need to return to your blog!'

When I started my blog it was given the name 'OzElearning' not for any big reason but because it was free at the time and it fit with me being an Australian teacher and loving 'elearning' - whatever that means!

Recently though I've been thinking that because I want to write not just about my school but in general about a range of topics it was probably time for a change.  I have now moved my old blog to my new site and have redirecting to here.

I have a number of unwritten, still in draft mode articles to publish and will get to them in due time.  Having a presence in the 'blogosphere' is more of a personal thing because reflection on what I write in the future will undoubtedly give me a more rounded look at how I have developed.

Here's to the 'relaunch' in 2014!

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