Monday, April 7, 2014

4 Years in the Making

Woah! My first presentation of learning night. Well not my first, but the first in which the students I have taught presented.

A bit over four years ago I started to read about this school in California, High Tech High.  A school in which the first video I saw inspired me to push our school to connect.

Four years later and I have a lot more to write about the journey but for now I'll leave you with a short highlight video from the night and the final news reel product produced entirely by the students.

Showcasing student work is so important and having a night to celebrate the end of a project is equally as important.  

I worked with a fantastic teacher, Sandra Thompson (Science/Mathematics) to make this project a reality.  We shared ideas and motivated each other throughout to make sure the students got the most out of the 10 weeks.  I look forward to the next project in Term 2 and I will have a whole bunch of information relating to this particular project up in the near future (Design Briefs etc).

To my Year 10 2014 Home Group, well done. Your work throughout the 10 weeks was impressive and you followed us on the unknown journey without hesitation.  I hope in the years to come you reflect on the work you have done here and realise that anything worth doing, takes time, effort and passion.


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